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A Day in Life is the perfect visual journal to store all your ideas, thoughts, events, experiences, memories, notes and more. If you love journal writing and want to make it even more personalized and meaningful, this journal could be the perfect one for you. And if you've wanted to keep a journal but never got around to doing it, A Day in Life will keep you motivated with its neat additions to journal keeping.

Witnessed a beautiful sunset? Met a long-lost friend on the train? Got a brainwave that kept you awake at night? Capture and preserve all such wonderful moments with A Day in Life- Journal. Elegantly designed to look like a real-life journal, this journal app comes with several features that will make diary writing an absolute treat.

Elegantly designed to look like a real-life journal

This visual journal app comes with several features that will make notes & diary writing an absolute treat.
Add photos and images to your journal entries and notes. Import photos from your camera roll or just snap a photo as you create your journal entry.
Weather & Location tagging to add a personal touch to your journal entries and notes.

View your journal entries in 4 handy views and other cool Features

With A Day in Life-Journal, you never have to forget a single special moment. Keep a diary of life's most interesting experiences and reminisce over your fondest memories.

Visual Timeline

Browse through your journal entries & notes in a visual timeline view.

Photo View

Flip through your diary entries & notes in collage style.

Calendar View

View all journal entries and notes on a particular date.


See only your starred journal entries & notes.
Backup and Restore your journal entries using DropBox and Box
Password Protection to keep your journal safe from prying eyes
Export your entire journal or individual journal entries as PDFs.
Manually edit the Date & Time of your journal entries.

Reviews and Feedbacks


A Day in Life is all about taking a digital snapshot of your life and being able to reminisce about it later. For those looking to preserve their precious memories and other activities then XLabz has created a fresh, appealing, and easy to use application.
I don't actually keep a physical diary, but I find this app real handy. Helps me keep track of what's going on in my life. Otherwise, it's just a blur and I'm not even sure of what I did for the past few months. I give this app, 5 stars for helping me record some events in my life, worth the money!
The app is great for journaling, jotting down funny things people say, or capturing special moments of your life. This app is also easy to use. There's no excuse for not keeping a fun simple journal when you have a nice app like this.
If there's really on app that meet my need of taking notes with memory of the date and more about the event or the comment, this is it!
You guys nailed it. Thanks for a great app.