Flip News - Tamil

  • iPad

FlipNews is a simple yet functional Tamil news reader which helps you stay up to date with the latest breaking news in India and around the world. The app gets news from a variety of popular news sources and classifies news into major categories such as Politics, Entertainment, Games etc.

Major Functionalities

  • Text display in clear and crisp native language font - in this case Tamil.
  • News is organized into standard categories.
  • Easily flip through news by swiping your finger on the screen.
  • "News in Pictures" visually shows the news that might be of interest.
  • Multiple news sources for each news item.
  • Ability to read full news from different sources without leaving the app.
  • Highly organized layouts that organizes news into easy to read layouts.

Reviews and Feedbacks

Nice to see news aggregator app in Tamil. Was looking for content in Tamil for sometime now and here it comes. My sincere appreciation to the team that made this happen. I just wanted to reaffirm that a viable market exists for a product like this. So please keep 'em coming! Mikka nandri! Vaazthukkal!
First of all, Kudos for the development team for realizing that there is a sizeable market for apps targeting Tamil community. This app just works. Well built and easy to navigate. Keep improving.
I am very happy/surprised to see such a well designed app dedicated for Tamil news in iPad.
This application is useful for me in China to go through the Tamil Nadu news. Thanks.
Good Tamil app for iPad.