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Mood O Scope is a mood tracking app that also doubles as a Mood Journal & Mood Analyzer.

Have you ever wondered if you are really happy with your life? Ever wondered what could be that one thing, place or person that made you the happiest? Have you ever wanted to measure the quality of your life? Then Mood O Scope is the app for you!

Mood O Scope is a simple mood tracker app specially designed to analyse your moods by maintaining a mood journal. What's more, you can also tag people & places to moods, add a photo to make it more nostalgic and analyze your mood patterns - all within the app.

Mood O Scope makes it simple by letting you choose between three simple moods that defines your day. Just tap to set your mood and Mood O Scope takes care of the rest.

Keep track of your daily emotions:

  • Lets you log in your moods for today or for any day in the past.
  • Allows you to choose a smiley face that best represents your mood.
  • Lets you explain why you are happy, sad, angry, lonely or ok with little notes attached to your mood.
  • Allows you to add photos to describe your mood better.
  • Allows you to tag the people or place that makes you happy, ok or sad today.
  • The app keeps a record of all the moods you have gone through in the past.
  • Mood O Scope has a calendar view that allows you to see your mood day-wise and the attached tags.
  • It calculates who or what has influenced you mood the most.
  • It analyses the various emotions that you have experienced.
  • It analyses your mood history and represents in the form of mood graphs and charts.
  • Allows you to set daily reminders to log in your mood for the day.

Why use Mood O Scope:

Psychologists say that sharing your moods with someone or writing it in a diary periodically helps you understand yourself better by noticing patterns in your moods to track mood disorder. And yes, of course, joy shared is joy doubled and sorrow shared is sorrow halved. Using Mood O Scope will help you understand yourself better, tracking even the earliest symptoms of possible mood related diseases like depression, bipolar disorder, dysthymia, cyclothymia and other scary medical terms whether major or small. For women, Mood O Scope helps you keep track of PMS, PMDD and by your mood swings, understand your menstrual cycle or periods. And for men both young and old, Irritable Male Syndrome can be identified, tracked and understood better!
So, the more you use Mood O Scope the better you can understand your mood swings and mood patterns. With the mood analysis tool in-built in the app, you can take better control of diseases like: depression, irritability, anxiety; other mood related changes or mood disorders and keep your mind healthy.

Mood O Scope is like a mood tracker or a mood journal that is like a mood scanner, scans your daily moods, mood swings and depression like bipolar disorder. This mood tracker/detector helps you notice things about yourself that have been influenced by your mood swings, that you wouldn't have noticed otherwise. With this mood recorder app, you can maintain a mood diary of your feelings and emotions. This mood detector detects your mood and maintains a mood map of all the emotions and depression. By tracking all these moods with this mood tracker/diary/journal you can find out what sort of a person you are. Mood O Scope is a mood diary / mood journal that plots who or what has influenced your mood. This mood journal / mood analyzer helps you remember all the precious moments in your past.

Stop playing around with those mood scanner, mood detector apps or apps that predict wrong moods. Start checking in to Mood O Scope because happiness is a decision and Mood O Scope helps you make that decision!