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StockPulse is your perfect companion for keeping track of your stocks and investment portfolio on your device. It is suited for both basic users & advanced market analysts. StockPulse has detailed technical charts (from one day to almost 5 years), detailed stock information and support for retrieving historic prices of a stock. You can get up to date news, customized for just the stocks you have on your portfolio, keep an eye on all major indices around the world like NYSE, NASDAQ, DOW JONES etc. to name a few.

Designed with user friendliness in mind, Stock Pulse has a very intuitive user interface which is straight forward and elegant.

There are NO limitations on the number of stocks you can track with Stock Pulse.


  • Create a portfolio with all the stocks which you own.
  • Add quantity and date of purchase, edit or add more stocks to your existing portfolio.
  • Keep track of your overall portfolio's gain and loss with color coded indicators.
  • Keep track of individual stock movement and daily values.
  • Get detailed equity information including technical charts for over five years.
  • Switch between different chart types (Line, Candlestick and Bar) and scale types (Linear, Log).
  • Track and analyze stocks and equities by their historic quotes.
  • Get latest news on stocks and equities you own.
  • Auto and Manual refresh of stocks.
  • Add stocks you'd like to watch to a Watchlist and track their performance and news related to them.
  • Track the major indices around the globe.
  • Get news on the stocks you have added to your Portfolio or Watchlist.

Stock Pulse uses Yahoo! Finance API's and symbols and you might have to add the correct suffix (.NS, .BS etc,) for the symbol to be recognized correctly.

Reviews and Feedbacks

Glad to have it on my z10. One of the only stock apps that allows you to track P &L in your portfolio. Separate section for watching stocks you haven't bought yet. Awesome charts. News feeds related to the stocks you own or are watching.
Very comprehensive stock data. I like it and would recommend it for anyone with an interest in the market. Nice that it includes international markets as well as North American. An excellent app!
This app is wonderful, and is heads and shoulders above most PlayBook stock tracking apps. It has portfolio and watchlist functions, news and market indexes.
Really beautiful and well made! a fantastic work tool. Simple, well built! A true professional application. Congratulations to the developers.
I've used this app on my iPad for over a year and I depend on it to give me the bottom line on my investments any time during the stock market day. It gives a lot of info in a short time. At a glance you can see how much your portfolio is worth, what your net gain or loss is on your investments, and the same info on each of your stocks.
With a tap on the icon, you have your current net investment bottom line. Entering your investment data to create the starting base line is easy and straight forward. The app never crashes. It's completely stable. This is a "go to" app because you get the current status of each stock you own and can see if it's going up or down. I'm very happy with this app.
This app has been perfect to track my stocks on the go.