Monster Builder

  • Android

Create cool & awesome monsters in this fun game of Monster Builder. With 9 different monsters and more than 50 different props to choose from, the number of monsters you can create is only limited by your kids imagination.

Create you own legendary monsters with this Monster Builder game for kids. Create monster like the ones you see in Dr. Jekyll and Frankenstein. Roll the dice and let the game create a new monster for you every time - you can be a monster legend in no time with this cool fun educational game for kids.

Save your creations by tapping on the Save button and save them to your photo gallery. Hours of monster fun awaits your kids.

Key features include:

  • Choose from more than 50 different props.
  • Save your monster legend to your photo gallery.
  • Share your monster from the gallery.
  • Create funnier monsters than the ones you see in Monsters Inc and Monsters University.
  • Build you won monster squad the way you like them.

You can create more than 17000 unique combinations with this monster builder game for kids!