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Vault is an intuitive, secure and feature rich application that simplifies management of all your private and secret information related to websites, email accounts, cards, bank accounts, etc. This password keeper uses a strong data encryption standard and comes with security features such as "Auto Destruct" and "Auto Logout" so you are guaranteed that your data is safe.


  • One-stop app to store all your confidential information related to banking, credit cards, email and websites.
  • All your private information is available at your fingertips and can be accessed anytime.
  • Access your data using a single master pass lock pattern which makes it easier to remember and quicker to input.


User-enabled Auto Destruct feature which wipes out your data after 5 invalid login attempts.


User-enabled Auto Logout feature automatically logs off the application when idle.


Password Generator tool to create strong hack-proof passwords.


Backup your Vault data using your Dropbox account. Restore your data from Dropbox in case of a device failure or Auto Destruct.

What's More?

  • Information can be stored under five predefined categories: Websites, Banking, Credit Cards, Email and Other.
  • You can also add your own custom categories for better organization.
  • No limit on the number of records that you can save under each of the categories.
  • Password Strength Indicator.
  • Copy to clipboard functionality for each field and clear clipboard feature to erase the data after using.
  • URLs can be launched from the app in your browser with just one tap.
  • Inbuilt search to find a record quickly by searching in title, URL, account or username.

So now, you don't have to store all your passwords in a diary, spreadsheet or in your head. Safeguard your most confidential information using Vault and rest assured that your secrets are safely locked inside.

Reviews and Feedbacks


Assuming it is truly secure, this app is the best PW vault I've found. Pattern unlock is quick and smooth, info template is flexible, and UI is good looking and intuitive. I've been using it for about 6 months and it has never crashed. Saved me hours of time tracking all my info. It delivers on its promises!


I bought a few other password managers for PlayBook and this one is by far the best, even beats the more expensive ones. Awesome interface, easy copy and paste, Dropbox sync, and you can even launch different websites direct from app. A definite must for anyone looking for password app.
This is the 2nd app I have purchased from these guys. Very pleased with the extremely professional work they do. The text fields are set up to allow you to paste into them without invoking the keyboard. This made it fast and easy to transfer my data from a text file into this app. Just touch and hold the field while editing, and you get the Copy/Paste menu with no keyboard! Very cool! The pattern login is very precise too, I have no problems and always get in 1st attempt. This is another awesome and good looking app. I am pleased with it so far and recommend it to anyone.
I am a big fan of security when it comes to interconnectivity. Seeing how you need a log in for everything. This app makes it easy to keep everything organized and secure. As well as failsafe protection of deleting info in the event my device is lost and someone tries to retrieve confidential data after multiple attempts.
Works extremely well and is well worth the price paid for this kind of security because these days you can't have enough of it. I would highly recommend for that alone if nothing else for the back up of really personal information.
One of the most useful apps I have on my iPad. I no longer have to find my wallet for information that I need and can have a different password for every site I use.
I use this app multiple times a week, and trust it completely.