The Logo Game

Find out your Brand Quotient with The Logo Game! With 100s of world-famous logos ranging from the extremely familiar to the head-scratchingly difficult, this logo quiz will keep you on your toes, guessing away.

Did you know that on an average, we see nearly 3000 logos a day? That’s almost 3 logos per minute!! Whether you’re walking down a busy street in New York or Mumbai, there are brands like Coca- Cola, KFC and BMW competing for your attention at almost every turn! But how many of those brand logos do you actually remember? Play The Logo Game and you’ll know!

With plenty of levels and 100s of top brands, this free logo quiz promises hours of fun and trivia! The more logos you guess, the more levels you unlock in this free logo quiz. And if you find yourself scratching your head and trying to guess that logo is, this free logo quiz has got some interesting lifelines for you!

Hints / Clues

Get a few logos right and we’ll reward you with hints. Each logo comes with 3 hints.

Ask a Friend

Get your friends on Facebook and Twitter to help you solve the tough logos.

Resolve the logo

And if you still can’t guess that logo, well give you the answer in return for a few hints! Or you could just buy more hints. Fair enough?

The Logo Game comes with 12 cool Logo Packs


How many automobile brands do you know?


Guess these soccer/ football club logos!


Guess logos of food brands!


Fashion logo pack for the fashionista in you!


Find out how geeky you are with this logo game!

Government Organizations

The top government departments and agencies from around the world!


Brands for the versatile women of today.

Fortune 500

Guess these Fortune 500 company logos.

UK Brands

Popular logos from the United Kingdom.

India Brands

Most-loved Indian brands and logos.

Canada Brands

Take a shot at this Canadian logos quiz.

Philippines Brands

Brands and logos from Philippines.

Login with Facebook to see how you fare against your Facebook friends. Nothing like some friendly competition to increase the fun factor, right? So, ready to take this logo quiz? Grab The Logo Game for your device now and start guessing those logos!

Reviews and Feedbacks

I had a hard time with this game because some of the logos I did not recognise, but my daughter surprised me and she blew it away. She is only 11 and she knew more than I did. The really cool part is that a lot of the logos are from my childhood and it brings back memories, good memories.
Really fun game that you can involve all the family, kept us entertained and keeps your brain in use! Great for all ages!
Love playing this game. It is interesting to see how many logos you can find and remember. Keeps you on your toes!
Probably one of the best games that I have played on the iPhone!
Very fun game but challenging. You will find yourself looking for logos all over the place.
This is such a good game to play. So addictive and the best one I've played yet!
I love logo games… they keep me entertained for hours and this is one of the best ones out there!
Awesome..... Epic..... Brilliant.... All of the above!
Mind teasingly interesting…
Epic family game!
Keeps your brain in line!