Pregnancy Tips

Pregnancy Tips is a simple yet functional app which offers plenty of tips for pregnant women, in an easy and elegant interface. Each tip is annotated with a positive and negative sign to indicate the do's and dont's. You can also make a positive contribution by adding your own tips to the app.

Reviews and Feedbacks

This app is great, I especially like that I can add tips in for other moms-to-be. A few of the tips were common sense and ones I already knew, but there were a few I didn't know and were very helpful. I would definitely recommend! It's a great, simple, easy to use app.
This is my first pregnancy and I want to know everything I can. Apps like this one help a lot.
Really nice app, made my first pregnancy easy with so much information.
Excellent tips to be followed during pregnancy. Very helpful.
If you are pregnant, you need these helpful advice, very practical.