Groovy Notes

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    Blackberry 10

Groovy Notes, with its real world diary like interface, is a valuable tool for recording minutes of the meeting, managing notes, lists, audio recordings & annotations, plans, messages, agendas and other details on the go. It is your ticket to getting your life, be it personal, work or social, better organized.

A valuable tool for recording minutes of the meeting, managing notes, lists, audio recordings, plans, messages, agendas and other details on the go. It is your ticket to getting your life, be it personal, work or social, better organized.

Groovy Notes leverages the ease of use of a diary by employing the capabilities of your BlackBerry Playbook such as the ability to record voice notes and touch gestures to navigate between views.

Feature Packed!

  • Backup, Restore and Sync data using Dropbox.
  • Export Notes (PDF, MP3 and text files).
  • UI and usability tweaks to make your experience groovier!
  • Attach photos and/or other files.
  • Multiple voice notes.
  • Rich text editing features (Font, Size, Color, Styles etc).

It is realistic!

Groovy Notes has a familiar, real world diary like interface. The pages look natural enough to make you want to turn them over. Be it notes, memos, anniversaries, lists, to-dos or even your personal journal - everything can be easily managed with Groovy Notes. All the notes are well organized by categories, tags and date. What’s more, the categories can be customized with attractive colors and icons to make them funkier, fun and easier to manage and notice!

Because voice has a ring to it!

Don't feel like tapping on your keypad? Just record your thoughts in your own voice (or an entire conversation or meeting). With a single tap you can record your voice memos and convert your regular notes into voice notes. What’s more, you can continue taking notes from the same meeting that you are recording! Both functions working simultaneously, now that is an added advantage. Organize the voice notes just as you would other notes with tags, category, date and text but yet feel, or should we say hear the difference.

Searching has never been so easy!

Searching for that crucial note, in the nick of time, is as easy as tapping a button on Groovy Notes. Use the calendar to find the notes by dates, pick a category, tag or just type in a keyword and search! Even the search results are color coded, based on category.

Enhance your world!

With Groovy Notes maintaining a diary has taken on a new meaning. A diary that is portable (without the additional bulk), intelligent, organized, versatile and talks to you! With a sleek and stylish design Groovy Notes is a fashion statement.

Easy to manage, fun to use and a huge time-saver, Groovy Notes can be your friend. So what are you waiting for? Get, set and groove! And hey, you also save paper! Go Green! Go Groovy Notes!

Reviews and Feedbacks

I bought my PlayBook several months ago. Before buying it I browsed the Web extensively to decide if this was the device for me. There is where I saw this app for the first time. I finally bought the PB but never bought the app, which is something I did only a couple of days ago. Boy, it couldn't be better! Intuitive, beautifully designed, the possibility to add photos and / or voice recordings, the sync with Dropbox, the on-screen Help (great!), the ability to add text or drawings to the photos. Simply spectacular! In comparison with most apps it might look expensive. But this beautiful and powerful app at almost five bucks is still a bargain and definitively a must-have.


Groovy Notes is one of these apps that not only mastered note taking, but also note management. This is a full bodied personal assistant that hangs on your every word. What really makes it stand out is the crisp design of UI.


This is just what I have been looking for. I have been looking for a more classy, versatile note taking app for the PlayBook and this is one I can be proud to open when annotating critical meetings.
Taking notes or keeping a journal is very easy with this app. It is clearly structured and keeps a clean layout even if you start configuring it. The attachment and the sketch tool prevents your entries from getting cluttered. Its functions are very intuitive, no searching around for a certain feature. After trying many others, this is my winner.
Works Great on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 This app is exactly what I was looking for to take notes and trust me when I say I have tried a lot of note taking apps. Some of the features that are really great: notes can be organized by category, each note has a date, you can create voice notes and synchronize to Dropbox.
If you've ever spent five dollars on a notebook, spend five dollars more and get a notebook that is so much more. It's beautiful, and brilliant, and one of the most useful apps I'll probably ever have. Thank you to the developer!
I've been searching for so long for a note app that works. I think this is the one that really does the jobs of note taking. Should make this the default/native note app for PlayBook!