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With GeoMemories, you can capture your special moment with ease. You can store an event as it happens, create text notes, add audio annotations, and even share it right away with friends on Facebook, Twitter or through email!

Capture your memory instantly

Your life is a treasure trove of memorable moments, some which tug at your heartstrings and others that simply tickle your funny bone. Each of these priceless moments deserves to be preserved for years to come.

Well, you can now experience the pure joy of capturing those precious moments with GeoMemories!

Store your memorable moment as soon as it happens. Whether you’d like to capture the first time you see your baby smile, recall the sunrise from your window, or simply remember your best friend’s address, GeoMemories is there to help! You can snap an interesting picture, add notes and log your immediate comments and reactions.

Write your life story

With GeoMemories you can express yourself by adding details to the memory. Where did your special moment take place? How did it happen, and when? Go ahead, get creative and write your story. You can also add audio notes to bring your memories to life!

With GeoMemories you can store useful information as well as give those valuable moments the special place they deserve

Reviews and Feedbacks

I LOVE taking pics and documenting places I've gone and things I've done. This app is perfect for doing just that!! Such a great idea and fun layout. Super easy to use too.
Great stuff.