Flip News - Hindi

  • iPad

FlipNews is a simple yet functional Hindi news reader which helps you stay up to date with the latest breaking news in India and around the world. The app gets news from a variety of popular news sources and classifies news into major categories such as Politics, Entertainment, Games etc.

Major Functionalities

  • Text display in clear and crisp native language font - in this case Hindi.
  • News is organized into standard categories.
  • Easily flip through news by swiping your finger on the screen.
  • "News in Pictures" visually shows the news that might be of interest.
  • Multiple news sources for each news item.
  • Ability to read full news from different sources without leaving the app.
  • Highly organized layouts that organizes news into easy to read layouts.

Reviews and Feedbacks

This is a simple and nice news reader that I downloaded for my dad to use. He loves to read newspapers in Hindi but we don't get Hindi newspapers around where we live, so this is a good option. He finds it very easy to use as he isn't very tech savvy.
Very good news app. I like it.
Best app.