Visual Hunt

  • Android

Visual Hunt is a Product Hunt client for Android that lets you visually browse through products, save your favourite products locally, email hunts and vent them, Tinder style.

Product features:

  • Visual Navigation: Visually navigate through products posted on Product Hunt
  • Stacked Vs Fullscreen: Switch between stacked and full screen zoomable product views. You never have to launch a link anymore!
  • Hunt Later (aka Favourites): Save your favourite products locally
  • Email: Email your saved favourite links from within the app
  • Search: Search products by keywords (Powered by Algolia's Product Hunt API)
  • Notifications: Get Opt-In notifications on new products as they are posted (Powered by Pusher's Realtime API)
  • Venting: Just tap on the cross button on a product and you will never see that again in your feed. Tinder anyone?

Plus the usual ones:

  • View products for any given day
  • Read comments on a product
  • View individual user profiles